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Air Jordan 2 II

The Air Jordan 2(II) model was released after Jordan's second year in the NBA. The Air Jordan II's design was after a 19th century Italian woman's boots, and it was made from high quality Italian leather. The original air jordan 2 IIĀ  were made in Italy (but now they were made in china & india). These were the only shoes from the air jordan line to not originally be released in a black color placement. Reintroduced in its original color scheme (black, white, and red) in 2004, an new black/silver colorway was released as well as a Carmelo Anthony colorway of white, Carolina Blue, and yellow. It has been rumored that Jordan would release a Varsity Red and White shoe. Though very rare, these do exist. The Air Jordan II were also the first Nike sneaker to not feature the Nike swoosh logo. They were featured briefly in the movie School Daze. The Air Jordan II were actually released during the 87-88 NBA season. This is the Jordan's third year in NBA, as he play with the Air Jordan I on his feet for his first two years. The shoe also has a limited edition, Eminem Air Jordan Retro 2, which included lyrics on the shoe. There were only 313 pairs sold due to 313 being Detroit's area code back that time.
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